Children’s Dentistry


Untitled-9We love children at Brosy Family Dentistry and recommend your child’s first visit to the dentist begin before the age of three.

Dr. Lynn is wonderful in the treatment of children at our office. Her extraordinary talents help transform what can potentially be a very frightening experience for both children and parents into a new and exciting adventure. Dr. Lynn combines a women’s gentle touch with a mother’s instinct to create a positive experience. Our office also utilizes stories, children’s books, toys, stuffed animals and trips to the treasure chest to develop an atmosphere that children find fun and not at all scary.


Sealants are a great way to protect against tooth decay and cavities on your child’s permanent molars or back teeth. These are the teeth that are most vulnerable to cavities and decay because they are used in the chewing process, and are the most difficult to reach and clean. Molars first come in at around 5-7 years of age, with a second set coming in between the ages of 11-14. It is best to have a sealant placed when the molars first come in to ensure they are protected early.

To place a sealant an adhesive is first applied to the teeth. The sealant is then placed over the adhesive as a liquid, as if it is painted right onto the tooth. The liquid then hardens and creates a barrier between your tooth and any plaque, food particles, and bacteria. Sealants can last for several years,  and can be reapplied if necessary.