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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry often solves several problems at once. It improves your appearance, boosts your self-esteem, and corrects potentially serious problems with your teeth and overall oral health. From veneers to teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry can help you hit the reset button on your appearance, allowing you to project an air of confidence in your professional and social life. At Brosy Family Dentistry, we’ve successfully performed cosmetic dentistry for more than 30 years. The tradition started with founding dentists Paul and Lynn Brosy and it continues today with their daughter, Dr. Erin Anderson, who is dedicated to providing the top cosmetic dentistry services in Reno and Northern Nevada. Explore our cosmetic dentistry services below.


Perfect for stained, chipped, cracked, or misaligned teeth. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or ceramic that sit on top of your teeth, not unlike your body’s natural enamel. In this minimally-invasive process, Dr. Anderson first drills off a miniscule layer of enamel and takes an impression of your teeth. Two weeks later, your fabricated veneers arrive for application. Once applied, this permanent solution may last up to 20 years, providing you with the look you’re seeking while protecting your teeth from further damage.

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Teeth Whitening

It’s nearly impossible not to encounter a food or drink that doesn’t impact your dental health in one way or another. Coffee and wine are the perfect example of foods that, while in moderation may be good for you, can nonetheless stain your teeth over time. An excellent - and affordable - way to counter this problem is with teeth whitening or bleaching. In just two steps your teeth will be back to their original shade or lighter. Dr. Anderson uses a tray whitening system. First taking an impression, then fabricating custom fitting whitening trays you can use over and over again. You’ll also receive a whitening gel to use for a few days. The result? Teeth that are between four and eight shades whiter. Who can argue with that?

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Other Cosmetic Services

Brosy Family Dentistry offers a wide variety of cosmetic and dental services for adults and children, from preventative care to oral surgery. To learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Erin Anderson today.