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October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Our three dental hygienists have spent a combined total of more than 55 years with us, which translates to an unmatched depth of one-on-one patient care, continuing education and first-hand knowledge of the latest dental procedures. They’re also all proud northern Nevada natives, having attended Reno-area high schools and staying in the area to help their friends and neighbors achieve excellent dental health. Let's see what Jill, Sheri', and Wendy have been up to!

- Jill -

Jill enjoyed a summer filled with pool days, lake days, camping, boating, margaritas, and BBQ's! Jill and her husband Ryan are always on the go between work, school, sports, and family time. Their son Leverett (12) recently started horseback riding/rodeo. Their daughter Chesney (11) is playing on a competitive soccer team, and their son JJ (5) just started kindergarten. Jill and her family love to hop in their motorhome and head out for weekend adventures! It's always a party with the Simpson family!

- Sheri'-

Sheri' and her husband Ricky are in their 3rd year of home remodeling and renovations! They squeeze in house projects (currently rebuilding a gutted master bath) between days at Donner Lake, baseball games, neighborhood get-togethers, and all of the kid's activities. Sheri' loves volunteering at her kids' school and she tries to never miss a fieldtrip. Their daughter Caleigh (8) is an English horseback rider, their son Hudson (6) is getting ready for fall basketball, and their son Lincoln (4) loves ninja class. Their St. Bernard Bruce keeps an eye on everyone and loves a good squirrel chase, but their cat Marv still rules the roost! Never a dull moment with the Wesleys!

- Wendy -

Wendy is looking forward to a week in Hawaii with her whole family in October! A nice getaway will hit the spot since she and her husband Greg are always running between volleyball and softball tournaments with their girls! Ellie (17) is a senior at Spanish Springs High School and plays varsity volleyball. They have traveled to check out colleges and Ellie is almost ready to choose one! Sharlee (14) is a freshman and plays volleyball for SSHS. She also plays for a travel softball team. Lots of weekends spent trekking over the hill! Good thing Wendy and her sister Jill work together and live right around the corner from one another so they can help each other out with kid shuffling!

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