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Welcome Donna!

Please help us in welcoming Donna, our new insurance coordinator! Donna may be our newest Brosy Family team member, but she is not new to Brosy Family Dentistry. We have had the pleasure of treating Donna and her family in our office as patients for many years. Donna has worked in the dental field for over twenty years and comes to us with a wealth of dental and insurance knowledge.

Donna has been married to her husband Jerry for 32 years. They have two grown children, Cydni and Aaron. Donna and Jerry love country music, campimg, spending time at the lake, and riding their Harleys. Fun fact, Donna has a twin sister who also lives here in Reno! We are grateful and excited to have her in our Brosy Family!


Brosy Family Life - Dental Hygienists

October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Our three dental hygienists have spent a combined total of more than 55 years with us, which translates to an unmatched depth of one-on-one patient care, continuing education and first-hand knowledge of the latest dental procedures. They’re also all proud northern Nevada natives, having attended Reno-area high schools and staying in the area to help their friends and neighbors achieve excellent dental health. Let's see what Jill, Sheri', and Wendy have been up to!

- Jill -

Jill enjoyed a summer filled with pool days, lake days, camping, boating, margaritas, and BBQ's! Jill and her husband Ryan are always on the go between work, school, sports, and family time. Their son Leverett (12) recently started horseback riding/rodeo. Their daughter Chesney (11) is playing on a competitive soccer team, and their son JJ (5) just started kindergarten. Jill and her family love to hop in their motorhome and head out for weekend adventures! It's always a party with the Simpson family!

- Sheri'-

Sheri' and her husband Ricky are in their 3rd year of home remodeling and renovations! They squeeze in house projects (currently rebuilding a gutted master bath) between days at Donner Lake, baseball games, neighborhood get-togethers, and all of the kid's activities. Sheri' loves volunteering at her kids' school and she tries to never miss a fieldtrip. Their daughter Caleigh (8) is an English horseback rider, their son Hudson (6) is getting ready for fall basketball, and their son Lincoln (4) loves ninja class. Their St. Bernard Bruce keeps an eye on everyone and loves a good squirrel chase, but their cat Marv still rules the roost! Never a dull moment with the Wesleys!

- Wendy -

Wendy is looking forward to a week in Hawaii with her whole family in October! A nice getaway will hit the spot since she and her husband Greg are always running between volleyball and softball tournaments with their girls! Ellie (17) is a senior at Spanish Springs High School and plays varsity volleyball. They have traveled to check out colleges and Ellie is almost ready to choose one! Sharlee (14) is a freshman and plays volleyball for SSHS. She also plays for a travel softball team. Lots of weekends spent trekking over the hill! Good thing Wendy and her sister Jill work together and live right around the corner from one another so they can help each other out with kid shuffling!


Fun Animal Tooth Facts #nowyouknow


Snails have thousands of teeth! Thousands! They have around 120 rows of 100 teeth! Most species have between 12,000-20,000 total! They may be tiny, but these little chompers top the charts when it comes to nature's strongest materials! Your happy, little garden plants don't stand a chance! Read more here:


Giraffes have 32 teeth, the same number as humans! But...they only have bottom teeth! Giraffes have a thick, dense tissue layer called a "dental pad" in place of top teeth. They eat around 70 pounds of food each day so those bottom teeth sure get a workout!

The Megalodon

The megalodon aka "Big Tooth" is an extinct species of shark that lived millions of years ago. Thought to be related to today's great white shark, only SO much bigger! The average megalodon skeleton reaches 60 feet in length and the average tooth is 6-7" long! These fossil teeth are so strong and sharp that they can cut through protective gloves like a razor blade and must be handled to the utmost of care. Watch this:


Hippos have 36 teeth, which are anything but straight! They have the longest canine teeth in nature. These crazy, long tusks measure around 3 feet long! Hippos mostly use their sword-like canines for fighting and protection. They can easily bite through metal and they have been known to sink fishing boats with their size and strength! Check this out:


Crocodiles can have almost 60 teeth at a time! The craziest thing is that a crocodile can have over 2000 teeth during it's lifetime! These prehistoric giants lose their teeth regularly just like sharks. These big ol' teeth aren't just for eating! Female crocs gently carry their babies in their mouths. The mama's teeth keep the little ones protected and secure. Who needs a playpen anyway!?! Watch this:


A little long in the tooth, eh? Mice, squirrels, and other rodents have teeth that never stop growing! They chew on bark and fibrous foods to wear them down. Pet rodents sometimes need to have their teeth filed if they aren't able to keep up with it on their own.


Brosy Family Life: Front Office Team

Cindy - Scheduling Coordinator

Cindy and her husband Jim will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this November! They have 3 daughters Kristina, Mandy, and Cheryl, and 3 grandkids Miles (7), Raya (7), and Everette (5).  Cindy is on the go! She's always packing up her car for some kind of adventure. Whether it be luggage for a family vacation, fun finds for a house she is working on, garage sale treasures she just couldn't resist, or sand toys for a family day at the beach, her car is always full and ready to go!  "Packing light" isn't in her vocabulary! Check out the treasures she packed to take to Graeagle for a house she was working on! #masterpacker!

CJ - Accounts Manager

CJ's favorite things on her days off are gardening, cooking, and entertaining! All 3 of those things will be coming into play this Septmeber when her oldest son Jimmy gets married to Tiffany!

In 2015, CJ and her husband Dave bought the house that she grew up in located in old southwest Reno! They will be hosting the rehearsal dinner for Jimmy and Tiffany in their backyard. They have done a ton of remodeling and re-landscaped the backyard in the summer of 2017. CJ feels her parents would be happy that they are there and so proud of what they have done. What a great adventure!


A Farewell: On to the next great adventure

February 2019 marked the 30th anniversary for Brosy Family Dentistry and a time to step aside and retire from private practice for me.  Hard to grasp at times the notion of saying good bye and letting go of taking care of all the patients I have seen in those 30 years. I am incredibly blessed and fortunate knowing that you, the patients of Brosy Family Dentistry, will be looked after and well taken care of by my daughter Dr. Erin. In the past five years I have seen her grow and develop into an incredible person and doctor.  Pretty cool stuff watching one of your kids do what you love to do and do it well!  Through the hard times of losing her mother and the good times of raising two daughters of her own, she has strengthened her compassion and resolve to do her very best regardless of the challenge. So I am off on to my next great adventure comfortable in the knowledge that the practice is in good, capable, caring hands.  The most amazing gift I can give to Dr. Erin is the opportunity to continue taking care of the best group of patients on the planet.  Thank you all for being understanding and supportive in this time of change. 

Be good to each other and take care,   



Brosy Family Life: Dental Assistants

We are fortunate to have two AMAZING dental assistants in our Brosy family! Chondel and Courtney work hard to ensure that you receive the attention and care that you deserve when you visit our office. So what are they up to outside of our office?


Courtney is a true Nevada girl who loves to spend a day at the lake. Cold weather doesn't even stop her! Some of her favorite fishing adventures have been on stormy days at Pyramid lake where the wind was blowing and the waves were crashing! Courtney's husband Jordan and their sons Reid (6) and Grayson (4) love it just as much! Next time you're out at Pyramid, keep your eye out for Courtney catching the big ones!


Have you ever been in the office and heard us rocking out to an AC/DC hit? Well, that's because Chondel is a huge fan! Chondel is always up for something fun! She has traveled around to see them in concert, but her favorite show was right over the hill in San Francisco! Maybe one day Chondel will make it all the way to AC/DC's original stomping ground in Australia!

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