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FREE Fluoride February!

February is National Children's Dental Health Month! To celebrate, we are offering a FREE mint FluoriMax fluoride varnish treatment to ALL of our patients during the month of February!

Fluoride varnish is a type of concentrated topical fluoride that can be professionally applied to help prevent cavities and dentinal sensitivity in people of all ages. Fluoride varnish is quickly and easily applied with a small paintbrush. Topical fluoride works by hardening the outside shell (enamel) of the tooth and by temporarily decreasing bacterial growth. Fluoride varnish has the ability to re-mineralize weakened areas of the enamel and can stop early onset decay in it's tracks. Fluoride varnish is approved for those 6 months and older.

Varnish is far more effective than the older fluoride foam or gel methods that many of us may remember doing as kids. The fluoride in the professional gel and foam is only absorbed into the teeth while the fluoride trays are in your mouth. Fluoride varnish adheres to the teeth and continues to release fluoride for 24 hours after application. The additional fluoride uptake leads to more effective and longer lasting results.

Research consistently shows that fluoride varnish is the most effective and safest form of fluoride used to decrease dental decay rates in children and adults. Varnish has been shown to decrease decay rates by at least 50% in people who consistently have twice a year treatments along with proper oral hygiene. Varnish decreases the risk of overexposure to fluoride in children when compared to gel, foam, and prescription toothpaste options because the varnish adheres directly to the tooth and is not easily swallowed.

We recently made the switch to Elevate Oral Care fluoride and xylitol products at Brosy Family Dentistry. We think you are going to love them just as much as we do and here's why:

  • Elevate FluoriMax fluoride varnish contains half the concentration of sodium fluoride compared to traditional varnished (2.5% instead of 5%). Research showed fluoride uptake into enamel was statistically the same or better at 2.5% than 5% concentrations.
  • It dries to a clear, non-tacky coating that is 7-40 times thinner than traditional varnishes which makes for a much more pleasant experience. You can eat and drink like normal right after the treatment.
  • It's thin and flowable which allows it to flow across and between the teeth better than traditional varnishes.
  • FluoriMax is hypoallergenic and the pharmaceutical facility where it is manufactured does not process any of the potential allergens listed below, therefore there is no risk of cross-contamination:
    • Tree-based/synthetic resins
    • Milk • Dyes • Glutens • Eggs • Peanuts • Tree nuts • Pine • Fish • Shellfish • Soy • Wheat • Sunflower seeds •Sesame seeds

If you don't already have your next dental cleaning on the books, give Cindy a call today! We hope to see you soon!

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