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Fun Animal Tooth Facts #nowyouknow


Snails have thousands of teeth! Thousands! They have around 120 rows of 100 teeth! Most species have between 12,000-20,000 total! They may be tiny, but these little chompers top the charts when it comes to nature's strongest materials! Your happy, little garden plants don't stand a chance! Read more here:


Giraffes have 32 teeth, the same number as humans! But...they only have bottom teeth! Giraffes have a thick, dense tissue layer called a "dental pad" in place of top teeth. They eat around 70 pounds of food each day so those bottom teeth sure get a workout!

The Megalodon

The megalodon aka "Big Tooth" is an extinct species of shark that lived millions of years ago. Thought to be related to today's great white shark, only SO much bigger! The average megalodon skeleton reaches 60 feet in length and the average tooth is 6-7" long! These fossil teeth are so strong and sharp that they can cut through protective gloves like a razor blade and must be handled to the utmost of care. Watch this:


Hippos have 36 teeth, which are anything but straight! They have the longest canine teeth in nature. These crazy, long tusks measure around 3 feet long! Hippos mostly use their sword-like canines for fighting and protection. They can easily bite through metal and they have been known to sink fishing boats with their size and strength! Check this out:


Crocodiles can have almost 60 teeth at a time! The craziest thing is that a crocodile can have over 2000 teeth during it's lifetime! These prehistoric giants lose their teeth regularly just like sharks. These big ol' teeth aren't just for eating! Female crocs gently carry their babies in their mouths. The mama's teeth keep the little ones protected and secure. Who needs a playpen anyway!?! Watch this:


A little long in the tooth, eh? Mice, squirrels, and other rodents have teeth that never stop growing! They chew on bark and fibrous foods to wear them down. Pet rodents sometimes need to have their teeth filed if they aren't able to keep up with it on their own.

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